Gulick Tape (White)


Gulick Tape (White)


Gulick measuring tape, fiberglass. Self-winding case. Calibrated tension device, inches and centimeters. Measures to 72 in. & 180 cm.

The Gulick tape is designed to apply a constant tension to the tape when measurements are taken on the human body.  Because flesh is compressible, variations in readings will occur unless the same tension is applied to the tape for all measurements.


  1. Pull enough of the tape out from the case to allow for the size of the body part being measured
  2. Place the tape around the body part, such as the upper arm.
  3. Hold the end of the tape closest to the tape case with the fingers of one hand.
  4. Hold the end of the round cylinder at the end of the tape with the fingers of the other hand.
  5. With the tape wrapped around the limb, pull on the end of the cylinder until the notch on the small wire rod is just visible as it comes out of the cylinder. This applies the correct tension to the tape.
  6. Read the tape as you would an ordinary tape directly opposite the “0” mark near the end of the tape.  There is a small amount of tape beyond the “0” mark where the Gulick cylinder attaches.  Do not read from the end.  Where the “0” mark lines up with the numbers on the tape is the reading to take
  7. There is no calibration of this device necessary.  The correct tension is applied when the red marked notch on the rod just appears out of the cylinder and is flush with its end.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in